Have you ever felt the ER might have missed something in the care of you, a family member, or a friend?

Are you tired of long waits in the ER? 

Do you want more valuable and satisfying ER care?

Do you want to know what you can do to make your ER care more effective and positive for YOU? 

If you answered yes to any question above, then you are in the right place!

Get Back to Baseline! 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Emergency Room Experience

Back to Baseline! 5 Tips to Avoid the Flatline in the ER

Inside You'll Learn:

Know what your FIRST response should be in emergency health situations

Have a better understanding of what the ER does to SAVE lives

Know what you can do to AVOID the ER

Gain knowledge of the SILENT KILLERS related to health


“It was my privilege to meet Dr. Jerisa in the ER. I watched her perform surgery on my great-aunt that two others had attempted to do, but could not. With a steady hand, unwavering determination, she operated on my aunt, thereby saving her life! She is without a doubt a hero in our eyes!” 

VeLisa Tyson, M.Ed


“It was always reassuring to come to work and see Dr. Jerisa, and know that our patients were in good hands!” 

Jan Wooden, ER Unit Coordinator


“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Jerisa for several years. I always appreciated how careful she was to provide the very best care to each patient!” 

Keely Goolsby, R.N.


“Dr. Jerisa is truly an amazing doctor! We were so lucky to have her!” 

Jennifer McDaniels R.N.

Get Back to Baseline! 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Emergency Room Experience

Dr. Jerisa Berry

About the Author, Dr. Jerisa ER

As one of the nation’s acclaimed doctors, Board-certified in Emergency Medicine Dr. Jerisa Berry is also a nationally recognized author, speaker, consultant and media personality. She is on staff at several emergency departments in South Florida and completed two residencies, both Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. Dr. Jerisa is co-owner of a primary care medical clinic, Vital Care Medical Center, Inc with her husband. She created “Tips for Your ER Trip” and “To ER or Not To ER?” where she shares her knowledge to help people understand what their first response should be in emergency health situations, how to make their ER visit less stressful, and potentially how to avoid the ER.